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Prepare for Upgrades. Prepare for Upgrades.

As soon as I entered the Clive Public Library this morning I was greeted with a warm hug from a familiar friend!

However, I did not receive a warm hug from the fire chief. She was very clear that I was not to break fire code during my story time.

Apparently the firefighters were concerned about a fight possibly breaking out if the crowd grew too large.

Luckily, the library employs a massive army of minibots to take care of any problems that [...]

Filled to Capacity!

Futuristic space city? No, it was myfirst stop yesterday: the city of Perry!

As you can see, the citizens of Perrylove to use their imagination!

It must be because everyone spends their timeat the Perry Public Library catching reading bugs!

Later that afternoon at the Ames Public Librarywe had a record-sized crowd!

This sign says it all!

One family showed up thinking we wantedthem to catch the “pirate bug”!

Luckily, Smyles the big blue dog helped all thekids realize it was “reading bug”, not [...]