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Road Construction? Noooooooo!

When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and was fully expecting to see boats and submarines floating by. After yesterday’s weather, anything was possible!

But, no! The sun had finally returned and it was time to celebrate!

And, wowza, the crowds at the Ottumwa Public Library were a good reason for celebrating as well!

But, the best reason for a celebration on this day? There was a girl who was commemorating her birthday by coming to story time. She [...]


This morning’s story time in Ottumwa was held across the street from the library in the same building where people play BINGO!

I love playing BINGO and any time I play, my heart really gets into it.

In fact, I get so excited that sometimes I get “FURIOUS” when I don’t win.

That’s why I always bring friends with me when I compete in games to keep me focused and calm.

Speaking of friends, I made some new ones this afternoon at the Indianola [...]

The Bookworm Steals the Show!

Ah, the Ottumwa Public Library, a library filled with beautiful butterflies!

And spectacular superheroes!

I was having a great time entertaining the kids and dinosaurs in Ottumwa when…

The bookworm hand puppet stole the show!

When I headed to Centerville, the water bottles we handed out were very popular!

The giant bugs I brought were very popular, too!

But once again, the bookworm stole the show - and stole a few kisses!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Ball bearings can be your friends, but if you dump [...]

Fairy Tale Grooving!

Only three days remain in this summer’s Reading Road Trip,and yesterday I felt like we were heading toward a fairy tale ending!I scaled a castle wall in the Ottumwa Public Library and met Rapunzel!

I was able to meet the brave-hearted library princes and princesses!

I was allowed into the castle vaults to see their dinosaur collection!

Surprisingly, I even had an encounter with a hairy troll!

The only thing I don’t like about fairy tale endings is that therejust isn’t enough dancing! [...]


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