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This morning’s story time in Ottumwa was held across the street from the library in the same building where people play BINGO!

I love playing BINGO and any time I play, my heart really gets into it.

In fact, I get so excited that sometimes I get “FURIOUS” when I don’t win.

That’s why I always bring friends with me when I compete in games to keep me focused and calm.

Speaking of friends, I made some new ones this afternoon at the Indianola [...]

The Bookworm Steals the Show!

Ah, the Ottumwa Public Library, a library filled with beautiful butterflies!

And spectacular superheroes!

I was having a great time entertaining the kids and dinosaurs in Ottumwa when…

The bookworm hand puppet stole the show!

When I headed to Centerville, the water bottles we handed out were very popular!

The giant bugs I brought were very popular, too!

But once again, the bookworm stole the show - and stole a few kisses!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Ball bearings can be your friends, but if you dump [...]

Fairy Tale Grooving!

Only three days remain in this summer’s Reading Road Trip,and yesterday I felt like we were heading toward a fairy tale ending!I scaled a castle wall in the Ottumwa Public Library and met Rapunzel!

I was able to meet the brave-hearted library princes and princesses!

I was allowed into the castle vaults to see their dinosaur collection!

Surprisingly, I even had an encounter with a hairy troll!

The only thing I don’t like about fairy tale endings is that therejust isn’t enough dancing! [...]


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