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Three Dinosaurs and a Pig!

It seems like every summer the Pella Public Library gets a visit from me!

I have to confess, I do love performing on their fantastic stage!

But, don’t think Miss Katie, the librarian, allows me to zip off to my next spot before helping her clean up.

Storytelling and mopping are my specialties! It’s a fact that super-heroes have to wear a lot of hats!

This afternoon, as soon as I walked into the Oskaloosa Public Library, some young television executives ran up [...]

Fairy Tale Grooving!

Only three days remain in this summer’s Reading Road Trip,and yesterday I felt like we were heading toward a fairy tale ending!I scaled a castle wall in the Ottumwa Public Library and met Rapunzel!

I was able to meet the brave-hearted library princes and princesses!

I was allowed into the castle vaults to see their dinosaur collection!

Surprisingly, I even had an encounter with a hairy troll!

The only thing I don’t like about fairy tale endings is that therejust isn’t enough dancing! [...]