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Giant Worm = Giant Fish!

Let’s face it, if I was a Time Lord, it would make my travels much easier! Plus, having a TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver would be lots of fun!

Fortunately, when I visit the Mason City Public Library, I don’t need to travel through time and space to get a good parking spot!

It’s the only library I know that has a children’s area, a teen area, and a dinosaur area.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they even have a bunny rabbit area!

Later, [...]

Healthy Hike Surprise Visits!

Last week seemed like it was going to be a week of normalstory time antics with a visit to the Winthrop Public Library!

I also had a planned stop at the Stacyville Public Library…

And the Fairbank Public Library!

But it turns out I had a few tricks up my cake pan!

I made a few surprise stops at a few Healthy Hike schools!

I even dropped by for a surprise visit to a few Healthy Hike libraries!

Don’t be surprised if I make a surprise [...]