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Beam Me to the Library, Scotty!

The Logan Public Library was so excited for my visit this morning that they started a remodeling project in my honor!

They have a curious rule at their library. Anyone who falls asleep during story time becomes the target of a pillow fight!

One of the Logan librarians taught me a fabulous way to make dream jars by recycling plastic containers!

A friendly U.F.O. was kind enough to beam me and some friends to our afternoon location!

At first, I was mistakenly beamed to [...]

Who Wants to Build a Toy Store?

Only the city of Ida Grove could combine the awesome powers of skating and castles!

No kids were skating yesterday morning, though, because theywere all at my story time at the Ida Grove Public Library!

The library is in the process of building a new addition!

At first I thought they were building a toy store with allof these toys, but it turns out the toys are summer reading prizes!

Later that day at the Onawa Public Library, these four librariansreminded me of the [...]