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Rain or Shine?

The Newton Public Library is one of the few places where we do story time outside. Through the years, we’ve never been rained on! Would this year be an umbrella year?

I brought in a local meteorologist to give us a quick forecast. He scanned the purple clouds and said I was clear to perform story time!

I’m glad to report not a single drop of rain fell, and the crowd did not get wet in the slightest!

The only weather we experienced [...]

The Bravest Baby in Iowa!

All summer I’ve been waiting for my family to attend story time! Today, they stopped to see me at the Johnston Public Library!

Just before story time was about to start, the building’s foundation began to crumble and a few of us fell through all the dirt, worms, and ants. We ended up landing in the catacombs under the library!

We had to navigate our way in and out of a maze of sarcophagi.

And just when we thought we had discovered a [...]

The Dragon Boycott!

You may remember I had to deal with an unruly dragon a few days ago. Today, that dragon’s extended family showed up to boycott my story time at the Ericson Public Library in Boone.

However, the dragon invasion wouldn’t stop us from dreaming big! There were big dreams of fantastic treehouses!

There were also big dreams of having casts signed!

And when I asked the crowd if anyone had a dream of cooler weather, almost everyone raised their hand!

Later, at the Nevada Public [...]

The 2011 Reading Road Trip Begins!

It should not be “puzzling” to anyone that I love the Reading Road Trip!

All summer long the libraries are so very welcoming!

My summer adventures started this morning in Story City. They love carousels and they love horses.

They also have fun-loving librarians that think a lot like me!

The crowds were huge and they laughed in all the right places.

Even a local farmer stopped working in his field and drove his John Deere bicycle to the library to see the show!

In the [...]

Don't Drink from the Elephant!

I always love running into family members when I’m out and about!I’m not sure if Mary from the Nevada Public Library is a relative or not,but you have to admit we share a striking resemblance!

Remember: The Reading Road Trip isn’t just about family - it’s also about friends…

And puppets! How could I ever forget puppets?

Yesterday’s afternoon stop was in the mighty town of Marshalltown!

I received some high marks for my story timeand a high five from the town’s toughest [...]