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Dan Wardell Learns New Skills!

This week I was able to learn a few new skills, such as tractor driving!

I also tried my hand at pumpkin stacking!

Face painting was another thing I attempted, although I’m not very good!

I discovered I’m much better at pretending to be a doctor!

I gained an appreciation for fine art at the Ames Christian School!

Jeff from the Slater Public Library helped a frog and me learn how to play chess!

And the greatest skill I learned? How to apprehend ared-haired cookie [...]

Birthday Monday 4-7-2008!

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

Curious George and I recently visited Mitchellville Elementary School!

Lots of kids showed up for the fun!

I was told to not get into any mischief!

But before long, I had my headphones on backwards!

I borrowed the queen’s crown, but she didn’t even notice!

And there was a small mishap where I got my head trapped in a mailbox!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Little Bo Peep lost her sheep because she was playing too many [...]