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Freezing or Roasting?

The Cedar Falls Public Library is located right next door to the Community Center! That’s where we held story time this morning!

Of course, that meant we could play a few games of pool between the two shows!

My visit was also used by the city to perfect their crowd control skills. Next week they host RAGBRAI, and their streets will be filled with bikes of every shape and size!

When the flood of bikers arrives, everyone should practice the universal list of [...]

The Interdimensional Rip!

This morning, several people at the Marion Public Library asked me how it is that I can get kids to line up with enthusiasm to check out books?

Some people think it is via some type of swirly-lined hypnosis trick, but no, if you simply ask kids to read, they’ll read!

After story time I had a chance to meet the most depressed hamster in the world. She was sad because no one had filled up her kiddie pool.

After a quick phone [...]

National Drive Your Tractor to the Library Day!

Guess how I celebrated National Drive Your Tractor to the Library Day?

I learned that it is a little hard to find a parking spot for a tractor when the crowds at the Cedar Falls Public Library begin arriving at story time an hour before it starts!

And as you can imagine, with such a big crowd, the nearest place to park was a few blocks away!

Thankfully, the librarian made a few phone calls to some local super heroes and they helped [...]