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Fury Birds!

Although my flight to the Council Bluffs Public Library was a bit bumpy, the skilled staff at air traffic control helped us land safely.

Not everyone who came to the library was there to enjoy story time and adventure!

Some library patrons were there to attend the “Brilliant Minds of America Convention.” Obviously, I fit right in!

The workshop on “Making Amazing Potions in Three Easy Steps” was especially informative and included hands-on activities!

On my way to the afternoon’s adventures I noticed this [...]

Animals Everywhere!

Recently my travels took me to the amazing city of Alton.

I was shocked to find that they let cows in their library.

I guess anything goes there!  They even let me go behind the librarians desk.

Busloads of students came to visit me at the Anamosa Public Library.

It was a packed story time.  Just the way I like it.

Hmmm, more livestock in the library. 

But then again, if frogs have rights, so should barnyard animals.

We’re getting closer and closer to the holidays.

That means you [...]