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Castles and Costumes!

This week I had the honor of sharing story time with the Lemme Leopards!

I also read some stories to the spooks at South Hamilton Elementary.

No leopards or spooks at the Eldora Public Library though.

Their library is a huge castle!

I met two gallant knights with purple shields.

And I even met the king and queen of the library!

At the Lisbon Public Library they celebrate Halloween all year round!

The librarians are always wearing costumes.

And what an honor, the Lisbon football players asked me to [...]

Video Galore!

I have three video treats for you today and we start out with my adventures at IPTV Day at the Blank Park Zoo!

Next we say goodbye to this year’s Healthy Hike! Hopefully it will be back next spring!

Remember, even though the Healthy Hike is over, get out there and move and read every day this summer!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:
Although there is a difference between duck tape and duct tape, one thing is for certain: putting either one [...]