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Breaker, Breaker, Good Buddy!

Today, the Independence Public Library welcomed me to the town by putting my name in lights!

The librarians had been doing their research and had uncovered my secret love of big rigs! Because of this, they let me drive around the block in the Digital Bookmobile!

Story time did go on as we had planned, with high-fives, hugs, and photos after the show!

Before I left, I was even given a thank-you card from one of the area’s finest crime fighters!

My second event [...]

The Interdimensional Rip!

This morning, several people at the Marion Public Library asked me how it is that I can get kids to line up with enthusiasm to check out books?

Some people think it is via some type of swirly-lined hypnosis trick, but no, if you simply ask kids to read, they’ll read!

After story time I had a chance to meet the most depressed hamster in the world. She was sad because no one had filled up her kiddie pool.

After a quick phone [...]

Time and Space Bunny!

Today, I was shocked to find a bunny running around the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque. I thought I should try to help catch him!

The next thing you know, I was spinning uncontrollably down a rabbit hole!

I found myself in a weird dimension where the very fabric of time and space was coming unglued.

In other words, it was just like being at one of my story times! You just never know what craziness I may share with the audience.

Fortunately, some [...]

Mayors, Duplicates, and Ninjas!

Any time I have a chance to meet a mayor, I get excited.

I also jump at any chance I get to have my picture taken with a saxophone-playing frog!

But I couldn’t stay at the New Hampton Public Library for too long today.  I had to head off to my next stop.

Next, I was able to STOP and READ a little bit at the Cedar Falls Public Library.

It was so hard to stay focused with all those fun Legos to play with.

Cedar Falls is one [...]

Where Has Dan Wardell Been?

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

It’s been a busy few weeks! I milked a cow at Heartland Acres!

I took a ride on Thomas the Train!

Clifford and I had a blast at the Clay County Fair!

I saved a giant snapping turtle crossing the road!

And I even went fishing with my great friend Lucy!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:If you buy a fancy watch and walk backwards,you can not travel through time!