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Never Grow Up!

Thanks to everyone who watched tonight’s big show. If you missed it, here it is!

It’s great working with such an amazing crew at IPTV!

It’s also wonderful to partner with all the libraries and organizations across the state.

But my favorite part of what I do is having fun with all the kids! Here’s hoping none of us will ever have to grow up! :)

Find out when the IPTV Kids Clubhouse will be in your [...]

In the Land of Legos!

Construction hats? This must be serious!

Chef hats? Hmmm, maybe not so serious!

What on earth is going on?!

Ahhh, the FIRST Lego League was in Ames today!

And I was able to get up close to all the fun!

I barely made it home though!

This person is going to need a lot of Legos to fix his car!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Never let go of your Lego,unless it is covered in flames and spikes.

Invasion of the Food People!

I recently had the honor of telling a story of excitement andadventure to a group of Girl Scouts. They were almost as silly as I am.

Afterwards we created “food people” using one of the greatestart forms known to the human race: Cut and Paste!

You can try this fun activity, too! All you need to dois cut out pictures of food and try to make a person!

Here are some examples!

“Pumpkin Headed Ice Cream Shoes”

“Juicy Bread Face”

“Berry Brains”

“Plate Face”

“Pie Eye”

“Orange [...]

Big Old Lizard!

The last leg of the Reading Road Trip startedyesterday morning in the beautiful city of Knoxville!

Just like all of my other stops, the town was filled with treasures!

I even discovered a miniature version of myself!

Next, it was off to Newton where everything seemed so muchbigger than it did when I lived there a few years ago!They have big monkeys…

Big chairs…

And REALLY big lizards!Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve surfed on the Newton lizard!

I also received a lot of art [...]

Friday the 13th!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and my bad luck startedwhen I was almost trampled by a huge crowd in Davenport.

Next I discovered a key to time and spaceand foolishly unlocked a door to another dimension.

In this weird new dimension I was the king of Davenport.

But then I started to grow and grow,and the next thing I knew, I was bigger than the whole town.

Luckily, a couple of dimensional experts helped me find a portalto get me back just in time [...]