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Superhero, Superhero, Superhero, Sidekick!

You would be amazed at what a rush it is to find yourself in a sea of fellow superheroes!

Some superheroes have terrifically powerful devices!

Some superheroes have incredibly fashionable capes!

One thing is certain, every superhero at the Huxley Public Library has a story to tell!

My second stop of the day was to visit my friends at the Granger Public Library!

I had the honor of inducting some brand new librarians into the Official Superhero Hall of Fame!

I’m hoping that someday I’ll earn [...]


So many IPTV fans show up at the Clive Public Library, that we usually bring the camera crew with us to document all the fun!

Because their crowds are so large, they usually turn down the air conditioning. This year, judging by the icicles, they may have turned down the temperature a little too much!

After things thawed out, we played a rousing game of I Spy! We were spying for yellow duckies!

And, let me tell you, we found plenty of yellow [...]

33 Finished, 33 Remain!

As many of you know, tensions between me and the dragons have quickly escalated this week! Last night, after hours of negotiations, the leader of the dragons and I agreed to a truce.

A written agreement is now in place assuring that dragons and humans will live in harmony with each other for eternity.

This morning, hundreds of people came out to the Huxley Public Library to see the signing of this historic armistice. The crowd decided to stick around for story [...]