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Big Old Lizard!

The last leg of the Reading Road Trip startedyesterday morning in the beautiful city of Knoxville!

Just like all of my other stops, the town was filled with treasures!

I even discovered a miniature version of myself!

Next, it was off to Newton where everything seemed so muchbigger than it did when I lived there a few years ago!They have big monkeys…

Big chairs…

And REALLY big lizards!Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve surfed on the Newton lizard!

I also received a lot of art [...]

The Final Week!

Today starts the final week of the Reading Road Trip!To celebrate, I decided to spend last night at the disc golf park!

Disc golf is just like regular golf, except you throw discs toward a basket!

Disc golf courses are a lot more relaxedabout letting you bring your pets, too!

It’s too bad I couldn’t teach Pearl to fetchwhen I threw too close to the water hazards!

The Ankeny disc golf course is the only place I’ve ever lost a disc!Several years ago, I [...]

Snip, Snip!


Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

I always realize it’s time for a haircut once it’s too late!

So yesterday I sought out some professional help!

With a head of hair like mine, a haircut is quite a process!

Luckily, my hair stylist Jen can work wonders!

I feel lighter already!

I’m now ready to finish my final 16 Reading Road Trip stops in style!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Always expect an itchy tongue if youare foolish enough to lick a cactus!

Two Crabby Kitties!

Uh, oh…I’m in a bit of trouble.You see, you’ve met my family, you’ve met my friends, and you’ve even met my dog.But I forgot about my two cats, and they aren’t very happy that they’ve been left out.And when cats get unhappy, they get REALLY unhappy.

Can you blame me, though? Cats can be boring.

It seems all they ever do is sleep.

It’s different when they’re young, because kittens have lots of energy.

And kittens love to play.

The best thing my two [...]

I Love Weddings!

Let it be known that “I do” love a good wedding!And last night, that’s exactly where I was!

There were horses!





And of course, my favorite part, DANCING!

More dancing!

And after that, even more dancing!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Soaring like a hawk would be awesome! Unless, of course, you are actuallytrapped in a hawk’s talons and are soaring back to the nest to be used as food!