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Disappointed Baby is Disappointed!

It just so happens that I got a little lost on my way to the Sibley Public Library this morning!

I was pretty worried because if I was late, the librarian would have surely turned me into a puppet!

I would have really hated to not be able to help all those kids Dig into Reading!

Fortunately, I found my way to the library just in time to share a story!

I had a much easier time finding my way to the Newell Public [...]

Peacock Power!

When I arrived at the Storm Lake Public Library this morning, I found a delicious breakfast waiting there! Unfortunately, it wasn’t intended for me!

I immediately called their library board together for an emergency meeting to discuss breakfast policies. Surely superheroes should be allowed to share a healthy breakfast…

The board agreed that they would change the policy and gave me, not one, but, three awards for “Most Convincing Library Board Presentation EVER!”

To celebrate my awards, every story time attendee was able [...]