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Superpooch to the Rescue!

I always run on the treadmill for eight miles every day before story time!

It’s the only way to keep my strength and stamina up for the summer’s trip.

During my morning visit to the Griswold Public Library, they allowed me to enter their top-secret reading cave!

While there, I met an amazing superpooch named Hope. Talk about a true four-legged hero!

I was only a hot-air balloon ride away from the Red Oak Public Library. The flying elephant we encountered only slowed us [...]

Feed That Bird Some Books!

What a week I’ve been having! It started with 1,900 people coming to theBettendorf Family Museum to hear Bob the Builder and me share stories!

The line stretched across the whole building!

As a thank you, they offered me a decision.I could take this brand new car…

Or I could take what was behind door number three!

Wow, did I luck out in picking door number three!There was a fancy new delicious apple inside!

When I returned to the station, I discovered 5,000 jump [...]