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That’s a Big Dust Bunny!

Today, at the Fort Madison Public Library, everyone wanted to be the star of story time.

But when “Mr. Dan Wardell” comes to town everyone can be a star or performing artist.

Coincidentally, according to the town’s birthday frogs, lots of stars and artists have birthdays in July, like Vin Diesel and J.K. Rowling.

Next it was up, up [...]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We’re down to the final nine Reading Road Trip stops, and I have to“hand” it to the libraries - they are making my visits lots of fun!

Yesterday I discovered that the detectives in Burlington are very, very tall!The kids are very, very short. And I’m somewhere in between!

An incredibly nice family gave me a “singing” book.It turns anyone who holds it into an opera singer!

I ended the morning reading a little Shakespeare to the librarians!

That afternoon in Fort Madison, [...]