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Shiver Me Timbers!

Today, my first stop was at the Spencer Public Library. It’s a famous library because it used to be the home of Dewey the Cat!

Reportedly, the library has been having some mice problems now that Dewey is gone. Perhaps there wouldn’t be so many rodents if the librarians didn’t leave out big blocks of cheese!

Reviews for my story time were mixed. Some people were surprised at how entertaining it was! Others were completely confused by my antics!

A spooky pirate captain [...]

The Golden Turtle!

Yesterday morning the Estherville Public Library saidI could hold their golden turtle as long as I didn’t lose it!

But guess what? I lost the turtle.I was going to be “booked” by the town’s two security guards when…

The librarians gave me a chance to get them a new one in the land of the giants,where everything, even the books, are giant!

I quickly hired some guides to take me to the secret land of the giants!

This land of the giants was [...]