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Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley!

This morning, a very speedy trolley helped me arrive at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque!

The crowd was huge, and the families were excited to participate in all the fun and adventure.

Plus, I was able to get reacquainted with plenty of familiar faces after the show.

There were even some who should know better than to tempt me with candy and sweets!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Everyone knows to not fly kites near power lines. It is also advisable to [...]

A Whole Lot of Love!

What an honor it was to start my morning being interviewed by KMAQ’s own Sheri Melvold!

I couldn’t chat for long though, because I had to rush off to the Maquoketa Public Library where I had a hunch I might run into a few relatives of mine. Of course, Aunt Judy and Uncle John didn’t disappoint!

Between my family, all the story time kids, and even the librarians, I get a whole lot of love!

Speaking of a whole lot of love! This [...]

Time and Space Bunny!

Today, I was shocked to find a bunny running around the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque. I thought I should try to help catch him!

The next thing you know, I was spinning uncontrollably down a rabbit hole!

I found myself in a weird dimension where the very fabric of time and space was coming unglued.

In other words, it was just like being at one of my story times! You just never know what craziness I may share with the audience.

Fortunately, some [...]

Super-Puppy Protects the Library!

This morning, there were more than a few Curious George and Clifford fans at the Garnavillo Public Library!

It’s said that if you open a book, you open the world!

I especially like joke books! In fact, I practiced some joke-telling skills today and started off with one of my favorites, “Three dragons and a wizard walk into a library…”

The kids in Garnavillo thought I was hilarious.

Later, I took my comic stylings to the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque!

They installed some new [...]

Never Fear! Cowboy Spider-Man is Here!

This morning began with a return visit to the Anamosa Public Library, but not before a quick stop at the National Motorcycle Museum.

The librarians told me they have been getting an endless stream of phone calls from people wanting to know when I was scheduled to be there.

All the kids at story time were wearing the same hats. I thought I should get a closer look.

“We Geek Dan Wardell” hats! Most excellent. Now I have my own fashion line! [...]