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Clear Skies!

Despite what you may have heard, I did not get my finger stuck in a kid’s nose this morning.

I did, however, discover something very peculiar at the Frances Banta Waggoner Community Library in DeWitt. There were giant bones scattered throughout the parking lot and dinosaurs were taking refuge in the library.

After some investigating, I found out that the local saber-toothed tiger has a “sweet tooth” for delicious dinos! He also has a lot of town pride!

As I left the [...]

Something’s in the Air!

Today I celebrated this summer’s tenth Reading Road Trip stop in DeWitt with some of my favorite things. There were large crowds!

There were puppets, puppets, and more puppets!

There were lots of crazy hats!

There were even a couple cute rascals who watched a Reading Road Trip performance for the very first time.

Later that day, at the Davenport Public Library, it was “Bring Your Dog to Work Day!”

Strangely enough, it was also “Can Your Horse Jump Through a Hoop Day.”

It seemed [...]