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A Royal Wedding!

It’s been a few years, but today we finally returned to the Bedford Public Library!

I had to clear out of the room immediately after story time. A royal bear wedding was taking place later in the day.

Rumor had it the Queen Mother might even show up for the ceremony.

While the bear family took a limousine off to their fancy honeymoon, I was stuck with a cab. And, as always, I had to sit in the back seat to leave room [...]

The Hypnotic Lollypop!

The librarians love to DREAM BIG at the Matilda J. Gibson Memorial Library in Creston!

Luckily, I can help them DREAM BIG and send them on a voyage to the “Land of Dreams” by using my hypnotic lollypop!

And after this morning’s story times, their dreams should be filled with fusion generator orbs.

They might also dream about magic genie lamps and the power of three wishes.

It was a quick drive to the Fontanelle Public Library for my afternoon story time.

The stylish chairs [...]

Tastes Like Chicken?

The last time I was in Creston they were battling rainy weather.

However, today was sunny and dry. The perfect time to take a good photo.

It was also the perfect temperature to be in an air-conditioned building for story time.

Unless you like tropical, humid heat, of course, like our good friend Curious George!

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of doing story time out in that humid heat at the Newton Public Library.

It was getting so warm out there I thought I [...]

The Flood Waters Rise!

As soon as I stopped by the Creston Public Library today they handed me a sand bag!

That’s because their library had been flooded!

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do story time!

But Librarian Sue cut a deal with a local church!

My ant and grasshopper story time was saved!

Next it was off to Mount Ayr! I’m not sure how, but I ended up with a tiny castle and a flower in my hair!

Mount Ayr kids really love United States [...]