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Uh-oh! Although this morning’s stop was scheduled to be at the Stacyville Public Library, a representative from the Osage Public Library tried to “convince” me to do story time at their library instead!

I’ve never seen librarians battle like that before. It got so heated that kids were hiding under the tables!

Luckily, the kids and I quickly baked some cakes and served some refreshments to calm everyone down.

And to make sure no one went away unhappy, everyone was given a parting [...]

Fred Stays With Me!

Yesterday, Arla the Cresco Public Librarian read me the book “Fred Stays With Me”and I had to figure out who Fred was. He wasn’t this gorilla.

It wasn’t Captain Smiley, the local train conductor.

It turns out Fred wasn’t a racoon either. Wait, what’s that smell? IT’S FRED! He’s a skunk!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Couch potatoes are very lazy, but couch squids are even more lazy!