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The Fremont County Fair!

This morning, I came to the realization that waiting in line for story time is much more enjoyable than waiting in line to get your license renewed.

After my visit to the Council Bluffs Public Library, the future mayor gave me a tour of city hall!

The librarians made sure I had a healthy lunch packed to help me finish off my week!

I was also honored to have a couple superheroes escort me to my afternoon location!

The Sidney Public Library [...]

Fury Birds!

Although my flight to the Council Bluffs Public Library was a bit bumpy, the skilled staff at air traffic control helped us land safely.

Not everyone who came to the library was there to enjoy story time and adventure!

Some library patrons were there to attend the “Brilliant Minds of America Convention.” Obviously, I fit right in!

The workshop on “Making Amazing Potions in Three Easy Steps” was especially informative and included hands-on activities!

On my way to the afternoon’s adventures I noticed this [...]

A Few Days Off?

Reviews were mixed this morning for my performances at the Council Bluffs Public Library!

Perhaps I’m losing my storytelling powers. Maybe I should take a few days off and go fishing.

If I go fishing I should probably go camping, too!

And, if I go camping I should probably roast marshmallows!

During the afternoon, I took a flight on a butterfly and flew to the Sidney Public Library.

When you arrive by butterfly you probably should plan on reporters showing up to ask questions!

I wondered [...]

My Co-workers Love to Sing!

The Council Bluffs Public Library was a fantastic place to start my second week of the Reading Road Trip!

A large room with a gigantic audience proved to be a perfect place to ask two of my co-workers to sing. They did wonderful!

Even though I’m good friends with the librarians there, they said I wasn’t eligible to enter into the summer reading program prize drawing!

I wasn’t too upset. After all, it’s much more fun giving away prizes than receiving prizes! The [...]

The Final Week Begins!

When I arrived at the Council Bluffs Public Library this morning it became clear that parking was going to be an adventure. The parking lot was under construction!

There was construction going on inside too!

Luckily, a little construction won’t keep the Council Bluff’s masses from attending story time!

My event even marked the last performance for their 2011 summer reading club.

I arrived at this afternoon’s story time at the Silver City Public Library so early that I got to put together some [...]