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A Kid at Heart!

Today the 2014 Reading Road Trip began with a visit to the Mount Ayr Public Library! The building isn’t usually open on Wednesday mornings, but they were kind enough to open for me!

Then again, when you personally know the “Queen of the Library” you can get in whenever you want!

Although, I have to admit, Miss Mary Kathryn keeps a close watch over everyone that enters her kingdom.

This is my eighth year of traveling with the Reading Road Trip, and I’m [...]

Construction Hats for Everyone!

This morning, when I arrived at the Lied Public Library in Clarinda, everyone was wearing construction hats!

That’s because a couple young rascals accidentally crashed a tractor into the library!

On the first day of the Reading Road Trip I always get concerned that no one will show up to listen to my story.

I shouldn’t have worried though! I shared the maiden voyage of my “Dig into Reading” story time with a crowd of over 200 people!

As I traveled to my afternoon [...]

A Mouse Infestation!

This morning I was made to feel very welcome at the Bedford Public Library!

It was a cozy little library with a great place to curl up by the fire.

They did have a bit of a mouse infestation though.

As well as an infestation of these things too…  I’m not quite sure what they were.

Later, in Corning, I found out that the librarians love to “rock out!” With their headphones on, of course.

I’m told the librarians also make some great snacks.

And what an honor being [...]