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A Mighty Storm?

This morning’s story time was so close to the river that I almost went fishing before my performance!

However, I don’t think the crowd at the Clinton Public Library would have appreciated it if I showed up smelling like fish!

And, I’m pretty sure the librarians would have put me in the doghouse if I tracked fish slime into their building!

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth would still have loved me though! They never get mad at anyone!

Later, at the Davenport Public Library, everyone [...]

It’s Time to Celebrate!

In April, Iowa had lots of fun moving and reading!This May, Iowa is having fun by hiking to the library!

And in certain towns, I’m waiting to surprise the eager hikers!

April went by so fast! It seems like just yesterdayI was shooting some new Healthy Minutes!

And it seems like just yesterday I met Miss Rosa!

I even squeezed in a few extra story times in April too!

I have the best job in the world!

Everywhere I go there is fun to be [...]

And You Thought a Giant Chicken Was Strange!

You’d think meeting a giant chicken would be thestrangest thing that would have happened to me yesterday.

But it wasn’t! I met some kids in Clinton that like to give bear hugs.Or were they kids who like to give bears hugs?

I met four prehistoric time travellerswho had captured and tamed the dinosaurs!

That’s when I ran into a couple detectives!

Actually, it seemed like everyone in the whole town wanted to be a detective!

And the citizens in my next stop, Tipton, were [...]