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Did I mention my free goodies this year are kazoos?

With a kazoo you can do almost anything!  You can soothe a baby to fall asleep like I did in Clear Lake earlier this morning.

Or, with a kazoo you can calm a furious three-headed dragon!

And what better vampire protection than a kazoo?

When I was in Hampton this afternoon I learned kazoos can even make good defense for a castle!

But I think my favorite way to use a kazoo is to invent [...]

Time To Shave My Eyebrows!

A rainy morning in Mason City didn’t stop us from visiting Meredith Willson!He asked if he could try on my cape, so I let him.

And wow, did the rain bring people indoors for story time!Look at that crowd!

Some kids showed up riding on a giant dalmation.

And I’m not sure how it happened, but I got handcuffed to a T-rex.

Next, one of Clear Lake’s finest boat captains picked us up for the afternoon story times!

In Clear Lake they really get wrapped [...]