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Monkey Clone Quadruplets!

Today, I arrived at the Bettendorf Public Library early enough to participate in their book club!

I was also able to play a quick game of hide-and-seek with the librarians and Raven from Teen Titans!

And, yes, there was even a little time to play a few rounds of arm wrestling with the Incredible Hulk and a couple wonder women!

After all that fun, I hopped into story time and encouraged another group of superheroes to share their stories!

My second stop of the [...]

Slime Invasion!

How was I ever supposed to know that entering through the Burlington Public Library’s emergency exit would set off the slime trap? What an unpleasant start to my morning.

I guess next time I’ll seek out professional advice before opening unfamiliar doors.

After a quick shower, I was ready to present story time to a crowd full of eager adventurers.

But, what caught my eye the most in that audience full of excited kids? The cute little rascals who brought their pet armadillo [...]