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Watch Out For the Wily Roaming Badger!

Wow, was the Churdan Public Library packed yesterday!

So packed, in fact, that we had to move next door to the city community hall!

I thought the library board might be a tough crowd to entertain!

But they soon came to appreciate my comic stylings!

It was a story time worthy of a post-show tea party!

Unfortunately, no one in Churdan warned me that the town’s wilyroaming badger loves tea! It gave me quite a scare!

Luckily, my heart checked out just fine!

And I need [...]

Dan Wardell Sets a New Record!

Last Thursday I set a new record - ten story times in one day!But that wasn’t the week’s only excitement!On Tuesday I ventured to the Humeston Public Library!

I almost couldn’t find the library because main street was under construction!

I was greeted by kids of all ages!

I always love my visits to small towns!

Wednesday was a day to rest, and then my marathon beganearly Thursday morning at Jefferson Elementary!

There I was asked to use my super powers tohelp these two ladies [...]