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After-Hours Tubing!

This morning, at the Waterloo Public Library, we prepared for the masses by providing special stroller parking.

There was a small army in attendance for story time, and you know what that means! I had the pleasure of giving out countless high-fives!

I was surprised that a giant space tuna popped in to watch for a little bit.

It turns out he wasn’t actually there for story time. Instead, he was hunting for some bugs for lunch!

In the afternoon, I discovered that the [...]

Dan Wardell Versus the Blobs!

Yesterday morning started bright and earlyat the Mason City Public Library!

Citizens started lining up for the event 30 minutes before it started!

It wasn’t long before everyone was trying to catch the reading bug!

After Mason City I hopped in my amazing flying machineand was off to the Charles City Public Library!

I learned that some strange yellow and green blobs hadbeen hanging around the library ever since the flood!

I consulted the only source I could think ofto help me get rid of [...]

Hooked on Reading!

Wow, was yesterday packed with fun!Here’s how the day ended.

But the day started out in a very crowded Charles City Public Library.

Of course, there were puppets so we could tell the story of the doctor and the shark.

But this is the first stop where there was a tree IN the library instead of out.

Next it was off to the town where I went to college, Waverly.

Grant Price, one of my professors from Wartburg, showed up to story time.Luckily, he didn’t [...]