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Ready, Aim, Fire!

This morning, a gymnasium full of rascals and I shared story time at the Kirkendall Public Library in Ankeny.

Dignitaries from England attended the event.

Archaeologists from Egypt attended the event.

Rock singers from Japan attended the event.

Even patriots from New York attended the event.

And since story time was in Ankeny this morning, my family was able to attend story time as well!

After the morning fun, I set sail for the Chariton Free Public Library looking for adventure.

Kris, the librarian, has good taste [...]

The Crafty Fuzzworm!

As I started my story time at the Osceola Public Librarythis morning, it seemed like just another normal day!

You know - a normal day of finding a spider in my hair!

And a normal day of admiring floating bookworms!

But a crafty fuzzworm sold me some plans to build some cool robotic bugs!

Next I was off to the Chariton Public Library where I first triedto build a generic robotic insect! The problem was I had plenty ofheads and abdomens, but I [...]