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Today was the perfect day for story time in an air-conditioned gymnasium!

It is much easier to “PLAY HARD” when you are inside on a hot day!

Story time wasn’t at the Cascade Public Library. It was at the Cascade City Hall instead!

While I was there I tried to pay for the library water bill with some flying saucer discs.

My second stop today was at the Stanwood Public Library!

Two of the town’s greatest artists brought their crayons to create for me a [...]

Who Wants Some Sloppy Joes?

This week I almost had to cancel my story times at Casacade and Bernard because of winter storms!But after watching the weather closely, we decided it was safe to have school!

It was at these two schools that I realized I’m not just great at storytelling!

I’m also great at making grown-ups look silly!

Also, no one can argue that my garbage collecting skills aren’t top notch!

And wow! Seriously, am I pretty fabulous at eating school lunch or what?!

Yes, I’m even good [...]