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The Temperature Rises!

Today, six fellow superheroes beckoned me to the Carroll Public Library!

A large crowd had randomly shown up to their building and they needed someone to entertain them!

Of course, while I had the attention of the audience, I convinced them to sign up for summer reading. And, in Carroll, summer reading means awesome sticker rewards!

With the emergency taken care of, I had to consult my sticky notes to remind me who I was supposed to visit next!

It turns out the Audubon [...]

The 2012 Reading Road Trip Begins!

This morning, when I arrived at my first stop of the summer, I found these five “Sleeping Beauties” at the Carroll Public Library!

I was kind of jealous of their naps because I had a hard time getting rest last night. I couldn’t sleep because I was worried my props wouldn’t work today! Luckily, they all worked perfectly!

We broke a Carroll Public Library attendance record with 509 people showing up to our two story times!

I received a wonderful surprise, too! It [...]

Duck and Cover!

As I found out this morning, the Carroll Public Library is home to many Championship Readers!

I also learned that families arrive to events so early that there is always time for a quick game of “Find-the-Geek!”

There was quite a rumble during story time as a train went through town. It was so loud, kids thought it was an earthquake and covered their heads!

All the commotion caused a family of super-heroes to stop in to see if there was a problem.

Later, [...]

Dan Wardell Meets The Bird Guy!

After a few days of vacation it was back into the actionwith morning story times at the Carroll Public Library!

Their library shares the same building as the police station.

Good thing we were close to the cops too, because it is acrime to cover this handsome face in bug stickers.

The lovely Carroll stewardesses got me on mydragonfly just in time, and it was off to Audubon.

The town of Audubon was named after the famous bird guy,John James Audubon! They even [...]

Hollywood and Private Eyes!

Yesterday started out in the fantastic city of Denison!They have a sign just like Hollywood!

In fact, the librarians insisted I treat them like movie stars!

I discovered some mysterious footprints, and I had the kids take off their shoes to see if they were the ones walking on the walls!

They all looked pretty innocent,and it didn’t look like any of them had stepped in black paint!

I arrived at my next stop in Carroll to a group of 260 waiting to hear [...]


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