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Business Horizons 2008!

Although there were no story times last week, don’t worry!I wasn’t in trouble with the law!

I was at one of my favorite events of the summer: Business Horizons camp!

This year is my tenth anniversary as an advisor at Business Horizons building inventions…

Learning about teamwork…

Solving near-impossible puzzles…

And having fun in the process…

Another year of celebrating all the great opportunities the great State of Iowa has to offer!This week it’s on to my final nine stops for story time!

Dan’s Wise Advice [...]

Business Horizons: Final Day!

Yesterday was the final day of Business Horizons!

That meant it was time to celebrate!

It was a special celebration this year because Industry D wonfirst place for the investment presentation AND the infomercial!Even though it was pretend money, we were awarded $850,000!

It was the first time in nine years my industry haswon both the investment and infomercial presentations!

It was also the first time in nine years that Iwas able to take my picture with a big hairy gorilla!

A thousand “Thank you’s” [...]

Business Horizons: Day Five!

Yesterday, the big day finally arrived as the membersof Industry D made their investment presentation!

That afternoon we also performed our infomercials,where I had the honor of being the host!

I must have worked the members of Industry D too hard,because they decided to get revenge with magic markers!

Luckily, the markers were the washable kind!At least I hope so!

Apparently, I wasn’t the only advisor who was the target of revenge!

My great friend, Adam Steen, also had his facecovered in a strange substance: [...]

Business Horizons: Day Four!

Yesterday was the end of fun and games at Business Horizons!

Well, maybe not the end of fun!

With every hour, we crept closer and closerto the investor presentation and infomercial!It was a late night!

The finishing touches were put on our product, the Power Shower!

The infomercial was written!

The props were made!

And we were ready to ask a room full ofreal-life investors for ten million dollars!

Industry D is ready for today’s competitions!Wish us luck!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:If you hear loud biting [...]

Business Horizons: Day Three!

As one of 16 advisors at Business Horizons,I really have my work cut out for me!

Each advisor has one week to help teach Iowa high school students…

Everything there is to know about the importance of price, production,marketing, capital investment, and research and development!

Sometimes in business you can get tied up in knots!

But finding a way out of the knots can be a lot of fun!

Sometimes in business you need to work behind a desk…

And other times you need to get [...]