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Batcave Found!

It pays to know the librarians at the Clive Public Library. They have some pretty impressive superhero connections!

In fact, the library staff were on a first-name basis with almost every superhero you could think of!

The only downside to having so many ties to the superhero world is when siblings fight over which hero is the strongest!

When disagreements like that break out, I like to keep my head down and stay out of it by signing autographs!

As I entered the Ericson [...]

Your Cows Are Out!

This morning, on the way to the Ericson Public Library in Boone, we came across a farmer in distress. Last week’s storms had blown the doors off his barn and his cows had wandered away. It was nothing a superhero in a yellow cape couldn’t fix!

We successfully rounded up all the missing farm animals, and, may have even gathered up some non-farm animals as well.

After all the chores were done, it was time for a boom-tacularly awesome story time.

As always, [...]

The Yellow Button!

There are few libraries in Iowa that love trains more than the Ericson Public Library in Boone!

What I didn’t realize was that they also really love dinosaurs!

Wait a second! They love dinosaurs and they also love trains? When I asked if anyone loves Dinosaur Train, lots of hands went up!

And speaking of dinosaurs, a brontosaurus accidentally stepped on my friend’s foot. She didn’t hold a grudge though. If you’re going to visit the doctor for a broken foot, you might [...]

The Dragon Boycott!

You may remember I had to deal with an unruly dragon a few days ago. Today, that dragon’s extended family showed up to boycott my story time at the Ericson Public Library in Boone.

However, the dragon invasion wouldn’t stop us from dreaming big! There were big dreams of fantastic treehouses!

There were also big dreams of having casts signed!

And when I asked the crowd if anyone had a dream of cooler weather, almost everyone raised their hand!

Later, at the Nevada Public [...]

The Magic Number 15,000!

The patrons of the Ericson Public Library in Boone read over 111,000 minutes this summer!

In honor of this awesome feat, we were supposed to have story time in a beautiful and scenic park this morning!

A thunderstorm forced us inside the library for the event.

And a gigantic crowd forced us out of the story time room and into the main library!

I was looking forward to my final stop this summer. That’s because the librarians at the Clive Public Library are always [...]