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Bury Me in the Cape!

So many people showed up to story time at the Richland Public Library this morning that I had to rush out to the parking lot and help direct bus traffic.

Let’s face it, being trapped in a traffic jam can bring out the worst in people.

Because emotions were running high, I shared a few calming words of wisdom that the kids may use in the future should they ever again face road rage.

Then it was time for a story, a group [...]

No Time, No Time!

No time for baseball!

No time for TV!

Definitely no time for zebras!

Only time for fun and sun…

And story time today at the Albia Public Library!

Later, at the Bloomfield Public Library, I’m sure I was seeing double.

I was seeing double rabbits!

I was even seeing double kazoos!

Here’s this week’s great Kids Art!  “Line of Trees” by Josie.

“Dan Wardell and Julia” by Julia.

“Three Waterfalls” by Anonymous.

 ”Martha Thank You” by Sarah.

“Dan and Friends” by Owen.

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:
Even though a “d” and an [...]

The World's Smallest Monster!

This week I encountered lots of BIG things, like this BIG pile of books!

I met a BIG group of hula hoopers!

I hosted a BIG auction at Terrace Elementary in Ankeny!

I read stories to a BIG audience at the Bloomfield Public Library!

All the fun created a BIG thirst for some lemonade!

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any bigger I met the world’s smallest monster!

Thanks for all the BIG fun everyoneand thanks to Sara and Sarah for the awesome Kids [...]