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Monkey Clone Quadruplets!

Today, I arrived at the Bettendorf Public Library early enough to participate in their book club!

I was also able to play a quick game of hide-and-seek with the librarians and Raven from Teen Titans!

And, yes, there was even a little time to play a few rounds of arm wrestling with the Incredible Hulk and a couple wonder women!

After all that fun, I hopped into story time and encouraged another group of superheroes to share their stories!

My second stop of the [...]

Clear Skies!

Despite what you may have heard, I did not get my finger stuck in a kid’s nose this morning.

I did, however, discover something very peculiar at the Frances Banta Waggoner Community Library in DeWitt. There were giant bones scattered throughout the parking lot and dinosaurs were taking refuge in the library.

After some investigating, I found out that the local saber-toothed tiger has a “sweet tooth” for delicious dinos! He also has a lot of town pride!

As I left the [...]

The Mysterious Floating Shovels!

What is the best way to travel to story time? Obviously, it is by riding on red rocket-scooters with my friends!

As always, the Bettendorf Public Library showed up in full force this morning!

There was even a birthday boy in the audience. I just wish I could remember how old he was.

One thing did concern me about the library. I wasn’t so sure about the creepy cabinet of floating shovels!

Much later, at the Olin Public Library, I shared with the audience [...]

Bats or Moustaches?

At 6:45 a.m. we departed for adventure in a brand new set of wheels!

As usual, this morning’s performance at the Bettendorf Public Library was packed with families who love a good story time!

Today, we celebrated story time with a trophy for our largest Bettendorf crowd to date. 491 people came out for the fun!

I wasn’t too surprised with the award. I’ve always known their library to go BATTY when we come to town.

Just how batty are they? They are so [...]

Only in America!

Today’s story time in Bettendorf was Dantastic!

Gigantic groups of people showed up, all wearing purple shirts like me!

So many friends came to story time that we needed to provide crossing signals.

Even Clifford the Big Red Dog stopped by for the fun.

My afternoon story time took me “Around the World” to the Wilton Public Library!

The event was going great until the crowd started to panic and pointed up into the sky!

It was a pack of dragons and they nearly attacked the [...]