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Dan Wardell Learns New Skills!

This week I was able to learn a few new skills, such as tractor driving!

I also tried my hand at pumpkin stacking!

Face painting was another thing I attempted, although I’m not very good!

I discovered I’m much better at pretending to be a doctor!

I gained an appreciation for fine art at the Ames Christian School!

Jeff from the Slater Public Library helped a frog and me learn how to play chess!

And the greatest skill I learned? How to apprehend ared-haired cookie [...]

The World's Smallest Monster!

This week I encountered lots of BIG things, like this BIG pile of books!

I met a BIG group of hula hoopers!

I hosted a BIG auction at Terrace Elementary in Ankeny!

I read stories to a BIG audience at the Bloomfield Public Library!

All the fun created a BIG thirst for some lemonade!

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any bigger I met the world’s smallest monster!

Thanks for all the BIG fun everyoneand thanks to Sara and Sarah for the awesome Kids [...]

Yellow Story Time Fever!

Wow, people at the Putnam Museum wereexcited to see my story times yesterday!

Maybe that’s because when I do story timeI rock the boat a little!

And when I do story time I like to think outside the box!

Sometimes when I do story time I learn something new,like this awesome all-star karate chop!

But no time for karate chops! I needed to get onthe train for the Family Museum that afternoon!

Something wasn’t quite right with a few of the kids there,although I couldn’t [...]

Endings and Beginnings!

How fitting that we finish this summer’s Reading Road Tripin New Hartford, a town that had flood waters this high!

That didn’t stop the fun, though!Any place there’s a crowd, I’ll do story time!

After my 61 city tour, I finally turned into a true reading bug!

Luckily, I was given a quick bug cut and hair cut,and it was a rush back to Des Moines…

Because it’s time to begin the IOWA STATE FAIR!

Don’t forget to keep that Kids Art coming!

Dan’s Wise Advice [...]


Dan Wardell + The Ankeny Public Library + Three Story Times= A new world record of 626 participants at a Reading Road Trip event!

Luckily, we had a fire fighter, a giant mustard bottle, and thebrightly striped tube on hand to keep the crowd under control!

Even the future mayor of Ankeny, Jay Boeding, was alsothere to celebrate our record-breaking crowd!My time machine travels tell me he will be mayor in 2092!

I was so happy about the crowd size that I temporarily [...]