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Pirate Ship Mishap!

All my friends at the Coralville Public Library are aware that reading gives you superpowers!

Some of my favorite superpowers include the ability to turn invisible!

Being able to transfer into a flying pig is also a very impressive power in my book!

But, my absolute most prized superpower of them all is to share a good laugh with a crowd of rascals!

My second story time of the day was brought to you by the letters A and L. Add a P in [...]

Never Fear! Cowboy Spider-Man is Here!

This morning began with a return visit to the Anamosa Public Library, but not before a quick stop at the National Motorcycle Museum.

The librarians told me they have been getting an endless stream of phone calls from people wanting to know when I was scheduled to be there.

All the kids at story time were wearing the same hats. I thought I should get a closer look.

“We Geek Dan Wardell” hats! Most excellent. Now I have my own fashion line! [...]

Animals Everywhere!

Recently my travels took me to the amazing city of Alton.

I was shocked to find that they let cows in their library.

I guess anything goes there!  They even let me go behind the librarians desk.

Busloads of students came to visit me at the Anamosa Public Library.

It was a packed story time.  Just the way I like it.

Hmmm, more livestock in the library. 

But then again, if frogs have rights, so should barnyard animals.

We’re getting closer and closer to the holidays.

That means you [...]

Pancakes Everywhere!

Yesterday as I walked into the Anamosa Public Libraryfor story time I encountered some mutant pancakes!

It turns out the pancakes were actually a fashion statement!

Pancakes weren’t their only interesting wardrobe choice!

Despite Anamosa tradition, no one was about toput wings or a funny pancake on this bear!

That afternoon at the Dubuque Public Library we had quite a dilemma…

Should I or should I not fly into story time on a giant blue pancake?!

There were a lot of votes, but the library boardfelt [...]