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Dinosaur Invasion!

This morning, when I arrived at the Newton Public Library, I was informed that story time was going to be held outside. Apparently, some velociraptors had been seen roaming inside the library.

There were many fellow superheroes on hand, just in case the dinosaurs came outside to look for a meal!

Luckily, not a single caped crusader needed to do battle.

Rumor has it that the dinos stayed away because they were afraid of this dad’s dance moves!

My second stop took me to [...]

No Time, No Time!

No time for baseball!

No time for TV!

Definitely no time for zebras!

Only time for fun and sun…

And story time today at the Albia Public Library!

Later, at the Bloomfield Public Library, I’m sure I was seeing double.

I was seeing double rabbits!

I was even seeing double kazoos!

Here’s this week’s great Kids Art!  “Line of Trees” by Josie.

“Dan Wardell and Julia” by Julia.

“Three Waterfalls” by Anonymous.

 ”Martha Thank You” by Sarah.

“Dan and Friends” by Owen.

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:
Even though a “d” and an [...]