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The Forbidden Basketballs!

This morning was a beautifully sunny way to start the day’s triple-header!

300 people came out to celebrate fun and adventure at the Sioux Center Public Library!

Three of those three hundred included a local mad scientist and her two lab assistants!

I wish I could have stayed longer to learn a new wacky experiment or two, but I had to set sail for my next location!

The Akron Public Library was my second stop of the day. The town is home to Dr. [...]

Didgeridoos for Everyone!

This morning, at the Sioux Center Public Library, I discovered EVERYONE wears capes! The kids wear capes!

The librarians wear capes!

Even the maintenance staff wears capes!

I wonder if those who are yet to be born wear capes?

There were no capes at my next stop, the Akron Public Library, but there were vans full of kids eager to hear story time!

During story time there was a small earthquake and an amazing archaeological site was discovered under the library.

At the dig site we [...]