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The Magic Number 15,000!

The patrons of the Ericson Public Library in Boone read over 111,000 minutes this summer!

In honor of this awesome feat, we were supposed to have story time in a beautiful and scenic park this morning!

A thunderstorm forced us inside the library for the event.

And a gigantic crowd forced us out of the story time room and into the main library!

I was looking forward to my final stop this summer. That’s because the librarians at the Clive Public Library are always [...]

A Sock Hop to Remember!

Instead of story time we had a sock hop this morning at the Atlantic Public Library. It was an amazing dance party.

We also ordered a bunch of extra-large pizzas to add to the fun!

There was plenty of popcorn to go around, too!

I skipped the pizza and popcorn, but I did have an ice cream cone before I left.

Next, it was off to the Harlan Community Library! One family had slept outside the library last night so they could be first [...]


Five years ago, during the first Reading Road Trip, I made a stop at the Lied Public Library in Clarinda. This morning I returned for more story time and adventure!

One little rascal had a bit too much fun! I signed his cast afterwards and he was feeling better than ever.

Although the library looked the same, there were some differences I noticed. Last time I was there I met a big green caterpillar.

This time around the caterpillar had turned into a [...]

The Final Week Begins!

When I arrived at the Council Bluffs Public Library this morning it became clear that parking was going to be an adventure. The parking lot was under construction!

There was construction going on inside too!

Luckily, a little construction won’t keep the Council Bluff’s masses from attending story time!

My event even marked the last performance for their 2011 summer reading club.

I arrived at this afternoon’s story time at the Silver City Public Library so early that I got to put together some [...]

It’s Time to Spin the Wheel!

The Johnston Public Library was filled to capacity this morning during story time!

Since IPTV and the library are both located in the same city, they let me have a free spin on their prize wheel!

The prize I won was a safari around the world.

But fear not! I’m not going anywhere until I celebrate “One World, Many Stories” next week during my final few Reading Road Trip stops!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If you are looking to purchase a [...]

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