When I arrived at the Des Moines Public Library, one of their librarians was missing. I set off to locate her!


I finally found Miss Janee in her chemistry lab, mixing up a potion that she claimed would turn her into a dinosaur. She took a drink and nothing happened.


Oh wait, I guess something did happen after all! It worked!


That’s no fair! I wanted to be as tall as a dinosaur, too. According to their library chart, it appears that even on my tippy-toes I’m barely as tall as a deer!


I didn’t need to rush toward my next stop at the Winterset Public Library! I knew they would have front-row parking available for me!


It was quite evident the kids in town definitely take their story times seriously!


Afterwards, they let me spin their prize wheel! Who can guess what I won?


That’s right! An all-expenses-paid trip to Zombie Island complete with a copy of The Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Accidentally swallowing a pipe cleaner will certainly not make your windpipe cleaner.