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Entries for June, 2014

The Girl’s Bathroom?

Today seemed as if it was going to be just another ordinary day! The girls at the Marshalltown Public Library were excited that I was going to tell them a princess story. The boys, of course, were mad!

And then when the gentlemen found out there were also superheroes in my story, they got pretty excited too!

As always, in addition to great crowds and fantastic kids, I encountered peculiar mysteries that peaked my curiosity.

However, on my way out, I noticed the [...]

Mrs. Roboto!

Today I was welcomed into the Johnston Public Library by an accomplished scientist. It was none other than Mrs. Roboto, the famous robot engineer.

She’s famous for creating some of the biggest robots you have ever seen!

She’s also famous for being the first person to ever install a joke button on robots.

And, what do you know? I tried a few of those robot jokes on my audience, and now my story time is 47% more hilarious than ever before!

Dan’s Wise Advice [...]

Our Luck Finally Ran Out!

Today, our good luck finally ran out. After seven years of outside performances at the Ames Public Library, the thunder and lightning dragon finally caught up to us.

And, wow, did the storms catch up with us. There was so much water falling from the clouds that we had to hop aboard a boat to get to our alternate story time location.

I would have been disappointed about not performing in the great outdoors, but, there was an awesomely huge curtain in [...]

A Little Lava Never Hurt Anyone!

Today, at the Cedar Falls Public Library, we set a new 2014 Reading Road Trip attendance record by turning this empty room into…

This AMAZING room packed with excitement and adventure!

The turnout was so great, that we accidentally shifted some of the Earth’s tectonic plates and caused some minor volcanic activity!

When the news cameras showed up to see who was responsible for all the lava bubbling up in the city, I just shrugged and gave them the “it wasn’t me” look!

Since [...]

Your Cows Are Out!

This morning, on the way to the Ericson Public Library in Boone, we came across a farmer in distress. Last week’s storms had blown the doors off his barn and his cows had wandered away. It was nothing a superhero in a yellow cape couldn’t fix!

We successfully rounded up all the missing farm animals, and, may have even gathered up some non-farm animals as well.

After all the chores were done, it was time for a boom-tacularly awesome story time.

As always, [...]