My hair almost popped out of my head this morning when I realized today was the final day of the 2013 Reading Road Trip!


Why am I always the only one without a hat when hair starts popping out? You would think my friends at the Iowa City Public Library would hook me up with something to protect my fuzzy noggin.


Being it was the last day of my tour, things got a little bit crazy!


But, we still made sure all the kids were reminded of the importance of being BIG readers!


Later, the Ely Public Library gave me quite the welcome!


There were streamers, balloons, and every possible party accessory!


This might surprise everyone, but to celebrate the end of my summer adventures, I shared an ice cream cone with the librarians!


And now, that all my stories are done, it’s time to look forward to having some fun with my family! I think I know of the perfect way to pass the time…


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Even if you are somehow able to launch it into outer space, the clothes dryer will most likely not withstand the rigors of interplanetary travel.