This morning, the Waukee Public Library had prepared for me a giant obstacle course with a jungle adventure theme! My first quest was to get across the treasure room by only stepping on the correct stones!


Of course, I stepped on the wrong stone, fell through the floor, and ended up almost getting eaten by an elephant!


Next, I barely escaped being mauled by a tiger!


I eventually made it through all their challenges and performed story time for the locals. However, it was a bit odd. They were all wearing masks and it freaked me out!


Later in the day, I made a visit to the Ames Public Library! Smyles, the library mascot wasn’t waiting for me in his usual spot. I had a feeling he might be off enjoying the playground. I was right!


This year, to keep everyone out of the hot sun, we had the crowd sit in the bandshell instead of around it!


That’s right! I said IN, not AROUND!


It was story time from an amazing new perspective!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: It would require having a daily need to dip at least 300 skunks an hour to ever justify purchasing a Skunk-Dipper 2000.