All summer I’ve been waiting for my family to attend story time! Today, they stopped to see me at the Johnston Public Library!


Just before story time was about to start, the building’s foundation began to crumble and a few of us fell through all the dirt, worms, and ants. We ended up landing in the catacombs under the library!


We had to navigate our way in and out of a maze of sarcophagi.


And just when we thought we had discovered a way out, we ran into a mummy!


Eventually, we found a friendly worm who led us back to the surface!


However, I was no longer in Johnston! I found myself at the Nevada Public Library instead!


It was there that I encountered the bravest baby in Iowa. She was unafraid to kiss the emperor of the moles!


Afterwards, the librarians and I kicked back and enjoyed a little fun in the sun! It is hard to believe, but there is only one more week left of the 2013 Reading Road Trip!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: No amount of apologies will ever cause a pirate to forgive you for accidentally spilling a barrel of termites onto his ship!