I can’t believe it took seven weeks, but today I finally had the opportunity to sign my first cast of the summer.


I wasn’t too surprised it happened, though. I had a hunch that, after doing enough story times, my lucky number would finally come up!


The Waterloo Public Library does a fantastic job turning their building into a summer reading paradise, complete with giant vine pillars.


And, if you are lucky, you can even help decorate by drawing on the walls. Just make sure you draw on the right walls!


This afternoon, I hopped on a mine cart and rode the rails to the Hiawatha Public Library.


I’m always amazed at how they pack so many people into such a small room.


I’m also amazed that the grown-ups have as much fun as the kids!


And who should make a surprise visit today? That’s right, my babysitter from when I was a kid! Of course, I had to have her read me a story!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Unless you are a small mammal with a bushy tail and buck teeth, the value of an acorn is mostly useless.