Guess how I celebrated National Drive Your Tractor to the Library Day?


I learned that it is a little hard to find a parking spot for a tractor when the crowds at the Cedar Falls Public Library begin arriving at story time an hour before it starts!


And as you can imagine, with such a big crowd, the nearest place to park was a few blocks away!


Thankfully, the librarian made a few phone calls to some local super heroes and they helped me park the tractor on the roof of the library!


In the afternoon, I held story time at the Marion Public Library. They have a little bit of a bat problem there!


They also have issues with an out-of-control rodent infestation!


Of course, critter problems are nothing that a hug and a smooch can’t fix. If it works on moles, the power of love can work on anything.


And in the rare case that a hug and a smooch don’t work, try to keep a level head and remain calm. Remember, a pair of sunglasses not only help you look cool, but they can also shield the terror in your eyes if you are afraid of small fuzzy beasties!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never make a collect call from a Telephoneasaurus Rex! The roaming rates from the prehistoric era will really add up quickly!