I’m pretty confident that at least one attendee at the Le Mars Public Library had a good time this morning!


I know their town loves ice cream, but I didn’t realize they all love rock and roll, too!


However, they are definitely not fans of those old prehistoric rockers!


It’s only the most up-and-coming rock and roll acts for the citizens of Le Mars. One person told me that the Dump Truck Trio is a very popular group right now!


During my second stop today, I found myself at the Sioux Center Public Library. They added a new prize wheel since I had last visited!


Of course, my spin had to land on the manual labor prize, which meant I had to help paint chairs before story time!


I wasn’t quite sure, but there was something a bit different about one of the kids in the crowd. He was a little more furry than all the others and he had much floppier ears.


As a parting gift, I was given a flower before heading off to my final stop of the day!


The Little Rock Public Library received the same exciting story time as my first two towns!


It’s hard to not keep up my energy when we have so much fun at all the libraries!


Plus, it always helps pump me up when the whole town shows up to join in the excitement!


And as long as I eat plenty of healthy food and drink lots of water, my body is always ready for another round of adventure!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Three-year-olds, temperamental badgers, and the Furious Furtowsky Family are three groups of mammals that should never be given coffee.