So many IPTV fans show up at the Clive Public Library, that we usually bring the camera crew with us to document all the fun!


Because their crowds are so large, they usually turn down the air conditioning. This year, judging by the icicles, they may have turned down the temperature a little too much!


After things thawed out, we played a rousing game of I Spy! We were spying for yellow duckies!


And, let me tell you, we found plenty of yellow duckies!


My second stop today was at the Huxley Public Library!


Because we hold story time in a neighboring gymnasium, I insisted on playing a quick basketball game!


The two story times today are my only ones scheduled this week! That means I now get to kick back and relax.


I might even find some time to play with some of my favorite toys and games!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Always remember, revenge is never the best answer. So, if someone knocks over your sandcastle, do not hire a bulldozer to knock down their sandcastle!